Anti Virus - smart games


Het "Bio-Logisch" denkspel!
Zet je immuumsysteem aan het werk en verwijder het virus voordat het zich vermenigvuldigt.
Een superleuke schuifpuzzel: de puzzelstukken kunnen diagonaal en in groep verschoven worden. Eens je het spelvirus te pakken hebt, geraak je er maar moeilijk weer vanaf!
Inhoud: spelbord met 11 kleurige puzzelstukken, spelregels, 60 opdrachten verdeeld over 5 moeilijkheidsgraden, oplossingen.

Extra informatie

The MAJOR FUN AWARDS go to games and people that bring people fun, and to any organization managing to make the world more fun through its own personal contributions, and through the products it has managed to bring to the market.
Anti-Virus is very well crafted. It is a sensual as well as intellectual experience. Your fingertips delight in the way they fit into the smooth, concave cells.


The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval program, created in 1990 as an adjunct to TNPC's support services, identifies the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience. From educational and entertainment products and equipment to travel destinations, the consumer oriented testing process solicits evaluations from parents and their children. This award signifies to other parents that their peers have acknowledged a product's quality and desirability based on a wide variety of determining factors.
What makes this stand out and impressed testers was the design, the quality and the unique twist Smart/Tangoes employs as it relates to movements and piece shapes.